• Hello...

    I'm Nobby - like Prince or Cher I prefer to go by one name.

    I'm a freelance thinker, writer, speaker and more than a few other things.

    I strive with every ounce of my energy to bring to life ideas that mean something from original thought, to pen on a page/keys on a computer, at the pitch, or during creation and execution. 

  • My motto? 

    "If you're not falling over,

    you're not trying hard enough"


    Not including skateboarding, home/office DJing and my pub prowess here's a little bit about what I can do...


    "Conceptual creation is the key

    to everything"


    Whether we're looking for the best way to use 140 characters or a huge integrated campaign everything comes back to the origin of a thought. This is my first true love and passion.


    "Turn skill into craft and craft

    into something magical"


    As I've progressed I've focused a lot of my attention really crafting what I do.

    So now if I need to put down exactly the right words I've got a bit more of a clue what they might be. 


    "There's no point having great ideas if other people can't see them" 


    I love telling stories, talking about ideas and getting people excited! I've pitched to some amazing companies (Heineken, Mondelez, PepsiCo, Fiat etc.) and to me, it's one of the best feelings in the world. 


    "Let's do something great"

    I'm more than just a creative and one of those various personalities is someone who loves making up words, and another is being an 'ever-achiever': I want to learn, create and conquer forever - and have fun doing it. 


    In our modern lives so much is seen, absorbed, and enjoyed I think none of us really 'own' anything. The second we release it to the people it's their choice to take it, ignore it, manipulate it or make it famous. So let's do something great, let's put something wondrous and wonderful into the world - because we live in a hive-mind looking for something new, exciting and GOOD.


    And I know that just sounds like a few of the right words in the right place and probably nothing new but here's the truth:

    I can't stop myself from getting wildly excited about great things (no matter the format), and I'm just looking for other people that do too.


    If you fancy having a bit more of a chat or just want to have a pint and laugh, it would be great to hear from you (not just if you're looking to hire - let's just go have some fun, and I'm totally serious about that).

  • Let's learn something...

    "Every day is a school day"


    Educated and restless 

    2:1 in Advertising and Brand Communication

    I'm not entirely sure why it matters, but it's the kind of thing people ask sometimes:

    11 GCSEs, 4 A-Levels and a pretty good 2:1 in Advertising and Brand Comms.


    I've studied to be an engineer, an actor, a director, a suit, a creative and many more things (including a qualified sailing instructor).

    A placement or two

    A real education

    We've went around the houses, but a couple of personal favourites:


    Rufus Leonard: myself and my AD turned a 2 week placement into 3 months and a job offer.


    Guinness Storehouse: myself, my AD and a friend were offered the chance to go over to Dublin for 48 hours and make a film about the country's biggest attraction and their latest award.


    We turned up with a camera, a laptop, and a vintage skateboard, left with 100Gb of footage and a mighty hangover. I ended up having to not only edit the whole thing, but also write a score! I learnt a lot and it was aired to over 1,000,000 people.

    The first 'real job'

    RPM LTD, 2011 - 2013

    After a placement I was hired along with my AD to be the new young team in RPM. We learnt more than I could ever write down and created campaigns for the likes of Smirnoff, Captain Morgan, Sour Patch Kids, Coca-Cola, Heineken and so many more.


    One of my favourites even got people seeing a new side to themselves in a

    world first: facial recognition based drink sampling that went live in a lot of

    Eastern Europe, Canada and Mexico. 

    Moving, shaking and developing skills

    Initials Marketing, 2013 - 2015

    My second 'proper job' and an amazing opportunity. This small agency has a big bite, and they constantly push to be best in class. Working with the same AD from RPM, and a bit on my own, we put together an incredible body of work that I'm massively proud of.

    Working with for huge clients such as Walkers, Club Med, Cadbury, Monkey Shoulder, UKTV and had some seriously cool highlights. The first of which being a campaign I was heavily involved with (and my copy line) going live on MILLIONS of Cadbury bars. Secondly, live-tweeting for Monty Python's final farewell show and finally managing to convince London that the Tour De France had lost 9 riders - and getting them a police escort onto the closed course, right up The Mall to the finish (which was then nominated for "Outstanding Creative Idea" of the year by the Event awards).

    Time to try something new

    Vivid, Publicis, 2015 - 2016

    After a fantastic career working in teams, in a few similar agencies, I had the opportunity to branch into something new. An old friend phoned me to inform me that he had just become creative director of 'this shopper shop' and would I be interested? I was. I joined Vivid as a Senior Conceptual Copywriter a little while later.


    In the time in Publicis I worked on Purina, Maggi, Nivea, EE, Nescafé, and more. Working across big ideas, and little ones; full campaigns to wobbler copy. Vivid's strategy-based approach taught me an awful lot about consumer behaviour, messaging rules and my own personal goals. A couple of personal wins are bringing full Nescafé toolkits to life  and reinventing daily moisturising globally. 

    Going solo

    Freelance conceptual copywriter, 2016 -

    In the last few years I've bought a house, got a cat, and even tied the knot. These adventures have lead to many more, and I'm certain there's even more to come. 


    So, I'm now freelancing to try and find as many of those adventures as possible. I want to meet new people, have new challenges and constantly push myself to work harder, smarter and in more creative ways. It feels like all this history I've had has prepared me and my recent future has put the fire under my belly. 


    If you're looking for ideas, words, presentations, or anything - I'm available to give it my all. 


    Whether you want to have a chat about what we could do together, or discuss the real issues (like what's the ultimate snowboard video part) get in touch and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

    Click the button or email thisisnobbyhill@gmail.com

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